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chemical industry

The chemical industry places high demands on plant engineering, dealing with sensitive gases, liquids, and various other materials and substances that adhere to specific criteria. Safety is paramount in plant operation. Therefore, experts in assembly and commissioning bear significant responsibility. At amd, we understand the critical importance of these tasks, and our chemistry specialists precisely know what is necessary to ensure the safe and reliable operation of plants for the production of chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical products.

We understand the critical aspects of the ‘chemical’ sector.

However, our service extends far beyond commissioning. Our teams, composed of experienced assemblers, assembly leaders, and service specialists, are available worldwide after the commissioning of your systems. We ensure prompt technical support and swift availability of spare parts at all times. Additionally, we assist our customers in the conversion of plants. We offer comprehensive and efficient service that you can rely on anytime. At amd, we take pride in being a dependable partner for the chemical industry.

ith our expertise and experience, we have already supported numerous internationally active companies in commissioning safety-critical and chemical plants while ensuring technical service.

Here are the companies in the chemical industry for which we have been and continue to be successful:

  • Clariant SE
  • Linde GmbH

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