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for the industry.


Welders for the Industry.

From traditional industrial assembly to demanding pipeline construction, it’s just a small step for us because pipelines play a crucial role as essential connecting elements between machinery and plant areas. Welders for the industry, especially in the maritime industry, port facilities, refineries, or the chemical and food industry, must meet extremely high quality standards.

You can rely one hundred percent on our highly trained industrial welders.

Our customers benefit in this regard from our top-qualified welders and their extensive experience spanning various industries.

amd provides industrial welders with comprehensive certifications, whether it’s TIG welding, MIG welding, or manual arc welding, to execute your welding work to the highest quality.

Good to know – amd is a specialist in welding robots.

Notably, our specialization lies in the field of welding robots. The programming and commissioning of welding robots are also in the capable hands of our internationally recognized specialists in welding robots and robot control. With their expertise, they ensure that the robots work efficiently in the long term and that efficiency is optimized, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. We assist you in the installation and disassembly of your industrial robots and are always ready with comprehensive international service when it comes to maintenance.

Trust in our outstanding expertise in welding technology and robotics to successfully implement your projects. We accompany you from start to finish and stand as a reliable partner to optimize your facilities and processes to the highest level.


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