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Your partner for personnel shortages, peak workloads, or strategic outsourcing.

Personnel shortages can have numerous causes. With amd, you have a partner who provides comprehensive and reliable solutions and can flexibly increase technical personnel resources. We offer technical professionals for the industry, who impress with competence. With amd, there are many ways to utilize qualified personnel. We work on a project basis under a contract for work or through temporary employment. With high efficiency, performance, and quality optimization, we ensure economic and smooth processes for our customers, so that personnel shortages don’t become a problem in the first place.

Our assembly personnel impress with competence.

We help you succeed in industrial assembly with external specialists. We are a technical service provider and experienced experts in cross-industry industrial assembly. Our core competencies in assembly, electrical work, welding, maintenance, and programming form the basis for cost-effective assembly solutions worldwide.

Industrial assembly for filling systems, plant construction, conveyor technology, welding work, process installation of industrial facilities, support during commissioning, assistance in machinery and plant construction in the factory or when establishing new locations. With amd, you receive expert support.


Our commissioning experts are setting your project in motion.

Efficient production and automation are the keys to success. However, before the actual production process begins, the commissioning of facilities and production lines takes precedence. Regardless of how complex the systems, machines, and facilities may be, amd is the technical service provider with maximum expertise for your tasks. amd stands for the highest precision and professionalism in commissioning PLC-controlled systems. Our top-qualified employees ensure that your systems are properly designed, developed, assembled, tested, and installed.

If you require your own specialized workforce for core operations, we provide capable specialists for assembly and commissioning. Our specialized staff is your cost-effective human resource.

Our programmers speak your language.

Our specialists in PLC programming are trained electrical engineers, programmers, mechatronics experts, or electricians with additional qualifications in PLCs. With these experts, we offer a wide range of services related to PLC programming. With high programming competence and diverse expertise, amd positions itself as a kind of system provider.

amd operates worldwide. We can quickly and flexibly deploy over 60 experienced programmers, technicians, and engineers. This allows us to master complex, large international projects in the field of PLC programming with absolute confidence, professionalism, and reliability.

You can continue to focus on your core business, company expansion, or growth plans while amd supports you with comprehensive solutions to advance your project.


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