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Skilled Mechanics and Assemblers Keep Things Running.

Even in an era of advancing automation and digitization, the importance of mechanical components in production and manufacturing processes is undeniable. While digitization plays an increasingly significant role, it’s the experienced hands and skills of mechanics and assemblers that ensure the smooth flow of production or initially assemble, mount, and commission a machine.

From installation and maintenance to pipeline construction, maintenance, and shelf assembly – all these essential tasks require competent and qualified mechanics and assemblers, electricians, PLC programmers, and welders. Our qualified teams are at your disposal, whether it’s just mechanics or a larger team encompassing various professions. The fact is, with amd, you are always perfectly positioned and flexible to meet the specific requirements and performance peaks in your company.

Mechanics and assemblers from amd make your resource planning more flexible.

We provide you with powerful and cost-effective support from experienced mechanics and assemblers who ensure the reliability and efficiency of your facilities with their extensive know-how and craftsmanship. Whether it’s about the assembly, repair, or maintenance of your equipment, you can rely on our expert teams.

The combination of digital technology and mechanical expertise is the key to optimal and successful production. Together, we can ensure that your work and production processes run smoothly and meet the highest quality standards. With amd, you have the ideal partner to successfully combine mechanical perfection and digital innovation.


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