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Boosting efficiency through
digitization is our expertise.

industry 4.0

amd supports industrial companies in their digitization efforts.

The march toward digitization continues. Machines and systems are interconnected, communicating within production systems. The Internet of Things is not just a vision for the future; it’s the current reality, especially in industrial production.

Industrial software is becoming increasingly crucial, serving as a distinguishing factor in production processes. Given the growing trend of customization in manufacturing, software development for machines and equipment holds an increasingly pivotal role.

The boundaries between software and hardware are blurring. At amd, we are well-equipped to tackle the DevOps process (the combination of Development and Operations).

With our digitization experts, you’ll reach your goals faster.

The interconnection of production systems and equipment is a priority that few want to delay. However, the lack of personnel resources can become a roadblock. Fortunately, amd offers a solution for this too. With top-notch specialists in software development and programming, amd provides excellent opportunities for developing machine programs in high-level languages.

Tailored precisely to specific customer requirements and types of equipment. We listen attentively and delve deep into the requirements catalog. This sets the foundation for exceptional IT concepts for machine and production control, supporting our customers on the path to implementing Industry 4.0.


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