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Because the future and
the environment are one.

environmental technology

Expertise in environmental technology.

The increasing importance of environmental technology and sustainable solutions in the context of advancing climate change is a contemporary topic. At amd, we recognized this development early on and specifically trained a significant portion of our employees for this sector of plant construction.

Our broad-ranging competencies span the entire spectrum of plant assembly in environmental technology. Starting from mechanical assembly, encompassing pipe construction and welding, to electrical assembly and the installation of highly complex control units – we offer our customers a comprehensive range of services.

In the planning and implementation of environmental facilities, we stand reliably by your side. Whether it involves facilities for exhaust gas purification or water treatment, recycling, or energy generation, our top-notch specialists strategically apply their expertise in environmental technology to achieve results that consistently meet the growing demands and challenges of our customers.

Environmental Technology as a Field of Expertise – Typical of amd.

With a profound understanding of environmental technologies and a strong commitment to quality, we strive to create sustainable and efficient solutions that make a positive contribution to protecting our environment. Thanks to our extensive experience and ongoing education, we are well-equipped to meet the continuously growing demands in the field of environmental technology. With our dedicated team of experienced industrial assemblers and technicians, we are ready to collaborate with our customers in shaping a greener future.


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