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Industrial services for
recycling plants –
amd sets the standard.


Industrial assembly and industrial services for recycling plants.

Waste isn’t just waste. Often, residual materials are valuable resources, which is why the significance of recycling and waste separation continues to grow. Processing waste, residuals, and recyclables usually involves high costs, leading to increased automation in this industry. As seasoned industrial assemblers, we’re the right team to approach for sorting and processing plants, shredding systems, filter presses, upcycling, and recycling systems.

We’re a globally successful technical industrial service provider. Whether it’s industrial assembly, commissioning, service work, or PLC programming, our vast experience allows us to offer and implement tailored solutions for the waste management industry. We understand the specific requirements of this sector and are well-versed in the industry’s regulatory framework.

When it comes to technical industrial services for recycling plants, we translate our clients’ wishes and demands into economical and reliable solutions without compromise.

With our knowledge and expertise, we aid companies worldwide in building and operating efficient, dependable waste separation and recycling facilities. We handle assembly, PLC programming, commissioning, as well as repairs or routine maintenance.

In doing so, we contribute significantly to environmental conservation. Together, we can extend material lifecycles and promote sustainable resource utilization.

We have been successful in providing services for the following companies in the recycling and waste management industry:

  • Bezner Anlagen- und Maschinenbau GmbH
  • Sutco RecyclingTechnik GmbH
  • TRENNSO-TECHNIK Trenn- und Sortiertechnik GmbH

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