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Flexible Personnel Resources
Used Economically.

temporary staffing

Effective solutions for short-term workload peaks or long-term projects. Temporary staffing with amd.

We also offer traditional temporary staffing as a flexible solution for companies. Our talent pool consists exclusively of highly qualified professionals, such as electrical engineers, programmers, and mechatronics specialists with additional PLC qualifications, or industrial assemblers. All our employees can be deployed internationally. Depending on the industry, required language skills, and necessary technical qualifications, we provide exactly the right people who are ideally suited to your tasks as part of our “value-added concepts.” In our understanding of successful collaboration, it is essential to efficiently bridge personnel shortages with competence and quality.

We bring experience, extensive production knowledge, and exceptional dedication to our joint projects. With our many years of experience and expertise in industrial assembly, our employees are well-trained and familiar with the specific requirements in various industries. We understand the importance of reliability and quality consciousness and ensure that our employees perform their assigned tasks with the highest precision.

Our temporary staffing option allows you to respond flexibly to seasonal fluctuations, project peaks, or short-term personnel needs without time-consuming recruiting processes. We take care of the selection and provision of the right specialized personnel, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Providing competencies means multiplying success.

We offer holistic solutions in the field of temporary staffing as part of comprehensive service offerings.

With amd as a partner, personnel outsourcing becomes a predictable success factor for your company. Through the knowledge and technology transfer of our employees, we transform personnel shortages into a tangible success factor for our clients.

We support you in completing your projects on time and with the highest quality, promoting your business success. Feel free to contact us for further information and personalized solutions for your personnel needs.


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