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Use our PLC programmers
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PLC programmers

PLC Programming at the Highest Level.

Our passion for exceptional programming has made us leading experts in PLC programming. With our PLC programmers, we operate worldwide. The recognition from our customers, many of whom are internationally successful industry leaders, reinforces our commitment to providing PLC programming of the highest caliber.

Every customer is unique, which is why we always prioritize individual tasks. Regardless of size, market position, or order volume, we put all our skills to work to enable customized, perfect solutions. Our success is built on highly trained and experienced professionals known for their outstanding commitment to quality. Our team includes electrical engineers, programmers, Bachelor and Master of Engineering graduates, automation engineers, mechatronics specialists with additional PLC qualifications, and electricians with PLC certifications.

Skilled personnel are the foundation of convincing quality work.
Only with a solid knowledge and competence base can quality personnel leasing be successful. That’s why we continually invest in the training of our employees through our amd Academy. We firmly believe that true greatness can only be achieved through constant pursuit of improvement.

Our PLC advantages for you:

  • Continuous monitoring of the production process
  • High reliability and system stability.
  • Automatic adjustments through efficient data processing
  • Significant optimizations of production processes
  • Low error susceptibility
  • Lower operating costs and increased cost efficiency
  • Improved productivity
  • Sustainable production processes

Our experts are here for you and your needs, covering:

  • Programming / development of new PLC functions and programs
  • Customization / further development of controls
  • Setup, commissioning, and retrofit of PLC-controlled systems
  • Documentation creation
  • Implementation of visualization (HMI)
  • Production support

As mentioned earlier, our PLC programmers are proficient in various programming languages, including:

  • Siemens Simatic Step 7 (S7-1500 / S7-1200 / S7-300 / S7-400) / TIA Portal
  • Beckhoff TwinCAT V2 / TwinCAT V3
  • Schneider Electric SPS
  • Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation (RSLogix 5000)
  • Bosch Nexeed / Control plus (Control plus Studio / Control plus V2)

With highly efficient PLC programming by experienced PLC engineers and technicians, we make a difference.

Production processes involving PLC programming and particularly the robotics industry are characterized by tremendous dynamics. Traditional production processes, IT, and communication technologies require a more tightly woven network and a multitude of well-trained experts to interact optimally. For companies, it is not always easy to internally build the necessary specialized personnel resources alongside their core business. This is where amd offers high-quality external PLC automation solutions and ensures that the necessary transformation processes can be carried out reliably and swiftly for your company.


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