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Implementing Innovative
Robotics Solutions
with Expertise.


Integrating and programming robots – a job for amd.

As an internationally successful company, we are the right partner when it comes to robotics. In this field as well, we excel with exceptional expertise and the right specialized personnel to meet your requirements.

Our expertise in robotics extends from the integration and programming of industrial robots to the development of tailor-made solutions for human-robot collaboration. We stand by our customers with innovative concepts to optimize production processes and pave the way into the digital future.

A perfect workflow and cost-effectiveness are not accidental but the result of powerful and functional processes in teamwork. We work closely with our customers to develop secure and efficient solutions where humans and robots work hand in hand. The combination of human abilities and robot-guided precision opens up unique possibilities in the manufacturing industry, enhancing productivity and workflow flexibility.

We take care of the setup, commissioning, programming, and teaching for the following robotics brands:

  • KUKA
  • ABB
  • Yaskawa
  • Stäubli

We implement innovative robotics solutions.

Our highly qualified team consists of experienced robotics specialists with a deep understanding of the latest technologies and developments in the field of robotics. We are passionate about working to inspire our customers with groundbreaking solutions and pave the way for them into an automated and digitized future.

Whether it’s about integrating robots into existing production lines, developing collaborative robot applications, or implementing Industry 4.0 solutions, we are the reliable partner by your side. Together, we shape the future of robotics and elevate your company to the next level of automation. Trust in our years of experience, and let us harness the potential of robotics for your success.


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