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packaging industry

Assembly and Commissioning Expertise for the Packaging Industry.

Whether it’s packaging machines or filling lines, we are well-versed in the specific requirements when it comes to commissioning packaging lines, packaging systems, feeding systems, or product filling stations.

The demands within the packaging industry always align with the products being packaged. Depending on the sector, distinct regulations must be met. Different rules apply to food or pharmaceutical products compared to chemical substances, liquids, or technical components. Our clients can trust that we effortlessly meet these requirements.

We bring extensive experience in handling packaging systems, making us the ideal partner for the commissioning and assembly of your packaging facilities. Rooted in the ‘packaging valley’, we intimately understand the specific demands of packaging lines across various sectors firsthand – be it pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, or industrial products. We construct, dismantle, ensure reliable integration into existing packaging lines, and adeptly manage mechanics, electronics, and machine programming.

amd – The Experienced Partner for the Packaging Industry.

In the packaging industry, we feel right at home. Here, elements of custom machine building and conveyor technology come into play – areas in which we excel! From products of every scale and across all sectors, we expertly and reliably assemble the fitting systems. As your trusted partner, we offer worldwide support during the assembly process.

We have successfully collaborated with and continue to serve the following companies in the packaging industry:

  • Harro Höfliger Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH
  • OPTIMA packaging group GmbH
  • Syntegon Technology GmbH

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